Feminism in Limbo

I didn’t grow up in a household where I was second-best to any brother or boy cousins or really any male figure. So I wasn’t raised on the idea of sexism. Some of the women in my family were housewives their entire lives, and some were the main breadwinners, and I was exposed to everything in between. My parents and my other relatives always had this expectation of me to be a doctor, or something great, and never treated me any differently than the boys. I didn’t see, hear, or feel blatant sexism until I was in middle school.

I’m probably going to work a little out of order, and the chapters may change and I start writing them. As I write them, all of the stories will be linked here. Stick around, I have some cool stuff headed your way. Feel free to submit your own stories, advice, questions, and suggestions.


Part 1: The Women

Chapter 1: Amy Renee

Chapter 2: Cathy Jo

Chapter 3: Elsie Darlene

Chapter 4: Marlene Lorraine

Chapter 5: Unnamed

Part 2: The Men

Chapter 6: Dad

Chapter 7: The Grandpa I Know and The One I Never Will

Chapter 8: Garrett

Chapter 9: Men Can Be Feminists Too

Part 3: Everyone Else

Chapter 10: Boys Will Be Boys and Title IX

Chapter 11: Not All Females Are Feminist

Chapter 12: The Year I Spent As An Architecture Student

Chapter 13: Dinosaurs

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