2014-12-31 19.50.21

In case you missed the first post:

I’m 23 and just graduated with a business degree. I’m one of the few lucky unicorns to find a job out of school. So I go to work where I’m basically a glorified intern with benefits, go back to my 495 sq ft apartment, and watch Netflix and drink wine until I fall asleep. Sometimes I go to the gym or try to eat a vegetable or two. Sometimes I go on dates. Sometimes I just wander around my new city.

This is my 2015 project, and a way to keep my sanity until I figure out what it is I really want to do and how to do it. It’s an experiment and a method of self-discovery. I’ll never feel again the way I do right now, and for some reason that leaves me with a desire to document all of it.

Maybe some of you are in the same weird limbo I am. So let’s rant together about our shitty cars and mediocre jobs and the dreams we know we have but don’t know how to act upon. #MillennialsArePeopleToo


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