Nothing Strange Happens To Me

I need to stop buying books and go to the library. I even live near a nice, big library. But having books, collecting them almost is just…a different feeling.

Also I love making notes and dog-eared pages and you shouldn’t do that with library books.

Dysfunctional Literacy

I've found stains and blotches much stranger than this stuck inside of library books. (image via wikimedia) (image via wikimedia)

Sometimes I think looking for books is more fun than actually reading them, but nobody in my family shares my passion for finding books that I might never even finish.  So when I announced my intentions to go to the public library this morning, my wife was silent and my daughters groaned.

“You take too long,” my youngest said.

“Not true,” I proclaimed.  Ever since my daughters put me on a timer a couple years ago, I’ve been able to get in and out of the library in under ten minutes.

“They don’t have any good books,” my oldest daughter said.

“Not true,” I countered.  Our local library has almost as many good books as the book store, but the library atmosphere can’t compete with stores like Brick & Mortar Booksellers.

It was my fault my daughters didn’t want library books.   I’d shown off too many blemishes in…

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